On June 17, Wareham residents will have the opportunity to vote on a question that will affect the town for many years to come.

We believe we as a society have a responsibility to educate our children, protect our citizens and their property from crime, care for our elders, maintain assets purchased with tax dollars, and give all residents access to information through a public library.  That's what this five-year plan will do.

A “YES” vote will add about $27 per month to the average homeowner’s tax bill. This relatively small investment in our town’s future will have tremendous benefits to all of us down the road.

  • It will improve our schools, give our children a better education, increase our property values, and enhance our ability to attract new businesses.
  • It will improve public safety by conservatively augmenting our police force to protect you, your family and your neighborhood.
  • It will prevent the loss of all Council on Aging and most Library services regularly used by many of us, and highly valued by some of our neediest citizens.
  • It will maintain our public buildings, roads, beaches and cemeteries.

Your town officials have taken drastic steps to cut frills and improve efficiencies, but we are at the point where it takes more money each year to simply maintain the same level of services than we have the ability to raise under proposition 2 1/2.

In other words, if we don’t do it this year, we’ll have to do it next year, or face additional severe cuts.

Thank you for your willingness to learn more.  Please explore this site and ask questions.  And please VOTE YES ON JUNE 17!

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