Wareham Taxes: Lowest in the Region...

... and among the lowest in the state.

We've all heard that Wareham's taxes are among the lowest in Massachusetts.  An article in the Boston Globe South edition on June 12 takes a look at our neighboring communities and shows how very low Wareham's taxes are.

But we've also all heard that the data for Wareham are misleading, because they don't include the separate tax we pay for the Fire Districts, where most communities include their fire and water departments in their tax bills.

So we at Invest in Wareham decided to take a closer look at this information, and found that even when you add in the fire district taxes, Wareham and Onset homeowners still pay among the lowest taxes in the state.

Wareham's combined tax rate of $12.85 and the townwide average single family home value of $230,264 gives us an average tax bill of $2,959.  That's the 38th lowest in the entire state of Massachusetts.  On the Globe's list of southeastern Massachusetts communities, only Brockton comes close, with an average tax bill of $3,264 (which is about 10 percent higher than the average bill in Wareham).

Source: Massachusetts Department of Revenue

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